I use Class Blogmeister Read the instructions on how to set up an account and post articles.
Blogmeister support group on Yahoo has lots of helpful information and is easy to join.

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Just what the heck is a blog? Look for blogging resources here

A comprehensive list of educational blogs, student blogs, teacher blogs and principal blogs! Wow!

What do blogs look like in elementary classrooms?

Here is one example, here is another, and here is another!

A great Kindergarten blog!

Middle school blogs from the library and a classroom at Kulshan SchoolMiddle.

Karl Fisch with some great ideas on blogging for high school, maybe middle?

Rubic from Barbara Dieu

The big difference in the types of blog providers is the teacher's ability to edit and provide feedback to writers!
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Login issues
User name must be exact, if students use initials and don't include periods, they will not be able to login.
Keep passwords simple. I use the same password assigned to students at school.
Approving articles and comments
There are three places to approve comments and articles. The first is your email. Click review article and it brings you right to the control panel screen for the individual blogger. Another place to approve articles and comments is via the online approval tool. Once you login to your blog the link to the approval tool is on the tool bar. Finally, you can go to class panel>choose a class>class roster and see an entire class at once. This is my favorite place to manage articles and comments. Sometimes students write and article and they think it has disappeared. If they did not check the request publishing box along with the save box, the article will be stored as "still editing." Students can save articles and publish them at a later date. When they do submit an article for publishing it will have a ? until it is approved or sent back for revision and/or editing. *'s indicate an article has been successfully published. Another reason articles seem to disappear is because every now and then a student will forget to title their article. It is more difficult to track without a title!
Sending work back for revision and editing
If a student submits work that needs more attention, I make comments via the class roster and save the article without publishing. Students will see "pending evaluation" next to their blog article instead of a question mark.
Editing comments
Comments can't be sent back for editing but they can be edited by the teacher, do this via the class panel screen. I only edit comments for a few students who need the support. For all other students, I let comments through with mistakes and use these as teaching opportunities.
I do not require a classroom password because all comments and articles come through me first. Family members who submit comments must simply add a relationship to their name, for instance, Dana's grandmother Ms. Smith
After you login you can change the template by clicking on the arrows at the top of the screen.
To add a description of yourself go to the control panel and type one in. Students will not see their descriptions after they hit submit because teachers need to approve them. Go to class panel>choose a class>then class roster. You will see all student work; articles, comments, and descriptions. Choose edit to view and approve descriptions.
Students can add images without teacher approval!!! I am very clear about my expectations regarding pictures. They must be approved by me and any violation of this policy results in loss of blogging priveledges. I have not had any issues so far.
Names and Email Addresses
No last names. Ever. Period. No email addresses either. Students want to leave email addresses on their comments but it is a safety issue as student email addresses include last names.
To change passwords go to the control panel>choose a class>class roster>edit This is the place to delete articles, approve descriptions, and view pending work.

Blogging is really a big conversation. Focus on how to build a community that wants to participate in a conversation. Parents, community members, fellow teachers, other classrooms, principals!, ASK these folks to join the conversation.