Konnichi Wa Larrabee!
Greetings from Japan. It has been a long and amazing journey so far yet my thoughts keep returning to Cornet Bay and picturing hikes, and crafts, and camp fires. I hope everyone had a terrific time. I added a picture of my first dinner in Tokyo, I dined with a few teachers and a retired chemical engineer who traveled to America on a Fulbright grant years ago.
Japanese Dinner.JPG

If the teachers look tired, they are. We had been up for just about 24 hours. Next time I travel such a long way I will definitely sleep on the plane!

Today (after a good nights sleep) we went to the Shinjeo Temple. The temple had several stations that will help your fortune or even tell you your fortune. My luck was "Regular Luck" which turns out to be good! Some teachers got the bad luck ticket and had to tie their tickets onto a rack so the bad luck didn't follow them home.
Tomorrow we will learn more about Japanese education and watch a Kabuki theater performance!
Tying Up Bad Luck.JPG