Hi I have been, unfortunately, tested in 3rd grade and I have dyslexia. So over the years I have found helpful tecniques that help with reading and writing and I would like to share them with you.

These tips are supposed to boost your confidence. They helped me!

Learn to type because writing will be a lot faster and the computer helps you with spelling.
2. Never give up because you will not learn what you need to know and everyone needs practice.
3. Don’t judge yourself by someone’s other work because you need to work at your level.
4. Use the computer because it helps you read your writing and it helps you spell.
5. Get your parents support because they will try to help you.
6. Have your friends support because it will help to have a friend helping.
7. Slow down and look at each word when you write. By S.D.

Some things that help with writing from Jeff Utecht!

1. Use Firefox instead of Internet Explore. It has spell check so it underlines the words and allows you to right click and check your spelling.

2. I also use the Internet a lot when I'm on it to check my spelling. I just go to google.com and type in a work. If it's spelled wrong it will say Did you mean....

3. I read things out loud to myself. Most people with dyslexia learn best through listening, so I read what I write out loud so I can hear it. I catch a lot of mistakes this way as it also forces me to slow down and look at each word carefully.

4. Understand yourself and try to understand dyslexia. I know how frustrating it is, but it is something you can deal with...you just have to know that it's going to take 3 hours to write a paper...but after 3 hours you have a great paper. :)

Here are some other ideas that might help you:

Use a personal dictionary like Quick Word to keep track of tricky words.
Visit some websites that might help:
Dyslexia: Parent Resource
By. T. D.