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Wumbuoe's Project! (Podcasting)
N.R.'s Project (Claymation)
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The Paper Trail Returns!

Hello Grant Writers,
Using your writeboard please detail the expenditure of the grant funds for the Qwest Foundation.
What did you decide to purchase and WHY? (not to exceed two typed pages)
This will become part of the report we need to complete when we present the results of our grant!

Thanks Team,
Ms. M.

The Winning Project

Equipment Expenses 2/07

Great Work Grant Team!
The official copy of the grant was submitted and approved by the Bellingham School District and moved to ESD 189 where it will be evaluated. Just three grants will be chosen to move to the state level. Keep your fingers crossed! Below is the project description we submitted along with the final budget. Thanks again for all of the hard work! Ms. M.


Plan to Expand and Enhance Technology Integration
Grant funds will expand and enhance the use of technology in our classroom, school, district, and beyond! Students will pursue meaningful projects designed with teacher support, to meet individual learning goals and learning styles. Therefore, no one project will meet the needs of all learners, including teachers. The projects listed below are a starting point. We envision the grant funds supporting many different learning adventures.
Student Projects:
Students will create podcasts, linked to our Wiki page, to share their work and the work of others. Projects may include recordings of students sharing books at the monthly Books and Breakfast family mornings, musical performances from weekly assemblies, and presentations of classroom projects.
Learning Impact: Communication EALRs
· 2.2. Use interpersonal skills and strategies in a multicultural context to work collaboratively, solve problems, and perform tasks.
· 3.0 Use communication skills and strategies to present ideas and one’s self in a variety of situations.
Science Video Series: “Think Again!”
Third, fourth, and fifth grade students will create videos of students and teachers, in familiar classroom and school settings, that address common scientific misconceptions found among elementary students. For instance, a video about optical illusions will address primary students’ misconception that our senses are always right.
Learning Impact: Science EALR 3.0 Application:
· Know and apply science ideas and inquiry to design and analyze solutions to human problems in societal contexts.
Math Man” Claymation Videos
Fourth and fifth grade students will create Claymation videos for primary students. For instance a second grade video will focus on number sense, using clay characters to depict the various ways a number can be broken up and put back together.
Learning Impact: Mathematics EALR 4.3
· Share, explain, and defend mathematical ideas using terms, language, charts, and graphs that can be clearly understood by a variety of audiences
Teacher Projects:
Expand the “Dream On” Technology Group
Technology teachers across the district are invited to bi-monthly “Dream and Share” meetings. Participants share examples of new technologies and their use in classrooms. Open meetings to all interested teachers and publicize integration strategies, tips, and tricks via a Wiki page, expanding the audience to teachers around the world.
Learning Impact: Technology Standard V for Teachers
· Teachers use technology to enhance their productivity and professional practice.
Classroom/School use of RSS Feeds
Move myself from consumer of RSS feeds to producer! Learn how to add RSS feeds to blogs and Wikis. Use feed aggregators to support and customize classroom curriculum. Develop school wide (teacher and student) use.
Learning Impact: Technology Standard II for Teachers
· Plan for the management of technology resources within the context of learning activities.

Learning Technologies/Budget $9985.
Gateway Tablet Computer 3 $3000.
Claymation/Podcasts Claymation Software 2 $130.
iMac 2 $4000 for Video Production/Podcasts
JVC Video Camera 2 $1400.
Canon Power shot camera 2 $500.
Hitatchi Projector 1 $750.
Digital Voice Recorder 1 $75.
Laptop mouse 2 $30.
Invitations/Refreshments for Tech Meetings $100
That last item on the budget was removed by the folks who approved the grant. No snacks for teachers! :(

Hello Grant Team!
Great work on the vision statement! Your next steps will be to outline your project and tell the grant committee how it will help students learn. To do this you need to:
Describe your project.
Find goals for your audience (2nd graders) that will be met by completing the project (math or science)
Find goals for yourself that will be met by completing the grant project (math, science, reading, writing, communication)
Have fun!
That's it!


2nd Grade Math GLE 1.1.7 - Understand and apply strategies and appropriate tools for adding and subtracting with whole numbers.
Use calculator, manipulatives, or paper and pencil to solve addition or subtraction problem.
5th Grade Math GLE 1.1.6 - Apply procedures of addition and subtraction with fluency on non-negative decimals and like denominator fractions.
Use calculators to multiply or divide with two decimal numbers in the hundredths and/or thousandths place.


2nd Grade Science GLE 3.2.1 - All Peoples Contribute to Science and Technology: Know that science and technology are practiced by all peoples around the world.
Identify ways that people around the world use science and technology.
Identify ways that people around the world use science and technology to invent things and ideas.
5th Grade Science GLE 2.1.5 - Communicating: Understand how to report investigations and explanations of objects, events, systems, and processes.
Summarize an investigation by describing explanations and conclusions in written, mathematical, oral, and information technology presentation formats.


GLE 2.2.2 - Apply understanding of printed and electronic text features to locate information and comprehend text.
Use organizational features and electronic sources (such as headings and numberings, CD-ROM, internet, pull-down menus, key word searches, and icons) to access information.

GLE 3.1.1 - Analyze appropriateness of a variety of resources and use them to perform a specific task or investigate a topic.
Locate, select, and use a variety of library and Internet materials appropriate to a task or best suited to investigate a topic.


GLE 1.5.1 - Publishes in more than one format for specific audiences and purposes.
Uses a variety of available technology as part of publication (e.g., slide show, overhead projector, publication software).
GLE 1.1.1 - Applies more than one strategy for generating ideas and planning writing.
Gathers information from a range of sources, formulates questions, and uses an organizer (e.g., electronic graphic organizer, chart) to analyze and/or synthesize to plan writing.
GLE 1.2.1 - Produces multiple drafts.
Drafts by hand and/or on the computer.
GLE 1.6.2 - Uses collaborative skills to adapt writing process.
Contributes to different parts of writing process when working on a class poetry book (e.g., individuals draft
poem; group plans format together; individuals submit word processed poems; team edits; class publishes).