Use the Washington State Grade Level Expectations (K-5) to find and set a writing goal.

A page full of Graphic Organizers to plan with.

to use alone and with a partner!

Creative Writing Prompts
Creative writing prompts and creative writing ideas you can use to create stories, poems and other creative pieces. You can use these prompts to help you come up with content for blogs and blog stories.

Paragraph Punch
Paragraph Punch is a guided writing program. It will guide you through writing a paragraph that explains why you are doing something.
You will be prompted to write down your ideas, then write sentences. You will have opportunities revise your work. In the last step you will combine your sentences to form a paragraph.

Writing Fix
This site is filled with information which may help make you a better writer. You can use a variety of interactive helpers to get you started on any type of writing project.

OWL: Grammar, Punctuation, Spelling
Online Writing Lab (OWL) offers printable handouts, power points and other resources for rules of the English language.

Writing Prompts and Journal Entries
Just what the link says, a straightforward list of prompts.

Writing with Writers
Students work with authors, editors and illustrators in exclusive workshops designed to guide them in developing their skills.
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